International Society for the Comparative Study of Civilizations

Message from ISCSC President Lynn Rhodes

March 2, 2018


Dear Members and Friends of ISCSC,


Our 48th Annual Conference in Suzhou, China at Soochow University (School of Foreign Studies) is rapidly approaching. Please see the updated details here on this website regarding the conference logistics, suggested arrival times, hotel confirmation and formal invitation letters that may be required in order to secure your Chinese visa for travel. Those traveling from the U.S. should request a Type F visa which is neither a Business nor Tourist visa but is specifically for attendance of conferences.


Once your registration is confirmed and paid, you will receive a formal invitation letter and your hotel reservations will be made by our hosts.


The ISCSC Board has met twice in the past few months, via conference call. We have addressed ongoing business continuity; conference details with our hosts in China; recruitment and other topics. Members interested in seeing the minutes from those meetings may contact me and I will send them to you.


Michael Andregg is now Vice President of the ISCSC. He formerly served as ISCSC Vice President of Young Scholar Development. Welcome and many thanks to Michael for volunteering and subsequently being appointed by the Board to serve in this much needed capacity. Michael is a long-serving ISCSC member, is extremely professional, knowledgeable and energetic. He has rolled up his sleeves and jumped right in to continue his support of our historic organization.


Please note that the ISCSC has a new official mailing address:

7960 B Soquel Drive, Suite 394

Aptos, California 95003 USA


Please take a few minutes to review the upcoming conference details while you are here on our website and make your plans to attend now!


Although the registration deadline is April 14th, please consider the time necessary to secure your Chinese visa depending on your country of residence and consulate office.


We look forward to seeing you in Suzhou!


Warm Regards,






Lynn Rhodes, President

International Society for the Comparative Study of Civilizations