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Editorial Board
Joseph Drew, Editor-in-Chief ,
Peter Hecht, Managing Editor,
Norman Rothman, Executive Editor
Stefan Gunther, Senior Editor
Carolyn Potter, Senior Editor
David Wilkinson, Book Review Editor
Thomas Rienzo, Technical Editor
Connie Lamb, Digital Media Editor
Nejat Dogan, Corresponding Editor
Leland Barrows, Peer Review Editor
Mary Frances Lebamoff, Peer Review Editor
Tseggai Issac, Outreach Editor

Scholarly Senate of the Former Presidents of the ISCSC
Prof. Wayne N. Bledsoe
Prof. Shuntaro Ito
Prof. Michael Palencia-Roth


From The Editors:
The Comparative Civilizations Review will seek to publish analytical studies and interpretive essays primarily concerned with
1) the comparison of whole civilizations,
2) the development of theories and methods especially useful in comparative civilizational studies,
3) accounts of intercivilizational contacts, and,
4) significant issues in the humanities or social sciences studied from a comparative civilizational perspective.

By "a comparative civilizational perspective" we mean
1) the use of evidence from more than one civilization (the various national traditions of the modem West being regarded, in this respect, as constituents of a single civilization) and,
2) a method likely to throw new light either on the origins, processes, or structures of civilizations or on the problems of interpreting civilizations.

This is a peer reviewed journal. Please submit your paper as a Microsoft Word attachment for the reviewers' consideration. Be sure to include on your paper itself your e-mail address, your academic affiliation and position, or note that you are an "independent scholar." Send your paper to
ISCSC Managing Editor .

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